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Franchising Basics

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When looking for a franchised business, or any small business, to purchase - you need to ask yourself several questions about the industry and brand in which you are considering investing your life savings. 

1. Do I have enough capital to make the initial investment, and how much more capital do I need to invest over time in order to grow the business?

Enviro-Master Services requires a low, up front capital investment inclusive of all the expenses you will incur, and operating capital you will need, for the first 12-18 months. Additionally, Enviro-Master's financial model and performance history proves that cash flow from the business can be used to fund additional growth whether you are going from $500,000 - $1,000,000 or from $3,000,000 - $4,000,000. 

2. How will your business be affected by a recession or slow down in the economy?

The services provided by Enviro-Master franchisees are recession resistant. The services are needed and save your clients money, lowering their costs and increasing their profits. 

3. Can your service or product be outdated by technology?

Enviro-Master's services have to be done by a Health and Safety Technician. The service, and thus the business, cannot be outdated by technology and is not part of the latest fad. Our services keep your customers, their employees and their patrons safe from germs, odors and disease. 

4. How much competition is there in my market, in my state, in the country?

Enviro-Master does not have a national competitor and no local or regional direct competitors. We created a whole industry in 1983, and still control the industry as the only national player 35+ years later. 


5. Do you have repeat customers, or do you have to pay to acquire customers over and over again?

Enviro-Master clients are on 12-36 month automatically renewing contracts for a weekly, monthly and/or quarterly service. This is one of the very few affordable recurring revenue models in franchising. Your client acquisition, or marketing costs, are minimal compared to other business. 

6. Is the business scalable?

The Enviro-Master business, because of so many factors, is as scalable as you want it to be. Your protected territory is large enough, with enough potential clients, that you can grow it as large as you can dream. In fact, if your dream isn't big enough that it scares you, then you probably aren't the franchise partner we are looking for. 


7. Are your potential customers readily identifiable and plentiful?

This is the beauty of our market - it is large and readily identifiable. Any business with a bathroom or a need to protect their employees and customers from germs, odors and disease is a potential customer.