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Our Health & Safety Technicians identify and remove unsightly, odor-causing buildup across your critical surfaces and touch points.

We scrape and scale all fixtures to remove uric acid accumulation, dirt, debris and other contaminants.

Our Health & Safety Technicians target grease, soil, and odor causing bacteria to disinfect and improve the appearance of floors and walls in high traffic areas.


We use a low-pressure power washer that has the strength to restore surfaces and eliminate
deep contamination.

Using state-of-the-art  technology, our Health & Safety Technicians perform our service in areas where germs and bacteria are most common., such as children's play areas, gyms, office spaces, hospitals, veterinarian facilities, doctors and dentist offices.

Learn more about The Power of Electrostatic Spraying

We provide a weekly organic drain treatment service designed to cost effectively address odors, grease and drain flies. 


Our Health & Safety Technicians use bio blocking technology to release enzymes that eat away at the fats, oils, and grease clogging your drain and attracting insects.